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Machine Washable Rugs

Machine Washable Rugs

Machine Washable Rugs Have Become a Necessity

Rugs laid in high-traffic areas end up with stains, dirt, and odour in a week or less. Do pet messes, and spilled drinks bring additional stress to your life? No worries, you are not alone. Hundreds of Aussies feel so. After all, professional rug cleaning is an expensive and time-consuming affair. And this is where light-weight stain-resistant machine washable rugs come into the picture.

You can actually pick up the washable carpet and put it in the washing machine for a wash like your garments. ...

Stylish, Practical, and Easy Cleaning: Buy the Perfect Machine Washable Rug for Your Home in Australia

These rugs are soft, plush, and far more beautiful in real life. They are a best choice for your living or bedroom. They look and feel just like regular rugs, but you can easily clean them in the washing machine.

Anyone having a young toddler or pet would know how important that a rug to be wash. These rugs are kids and pet friendly, also a toddler can also play on this rug as it has a soft pile.

How Does One Care for A Washable Rug?

Regular light vacuuming would keep the rugs clean. Avoid powerful settings while vacuuming the rug.

Depending on how big the washing machine you have, most of sizes can washed at home. Also, large rugs can washed at a public laundromat.

For more instructions, please refer to the care instructions provided on the website.

Do these Rugs Slip?

These machine wash rugs are anti-slip and come with a backing that resists slippage. However, the anti-slip qualities vary from surface to surface of the home. We recommend using a rug pad. A rug pad helps keep the rug in place while providing extra cushioning.

Machine Washable rug do not fade or shed colours:

Machine Washable rug offered by Fab Habitat won’t fade or shed while cleaning. Fabrics used in washable rugs (Australia) are not just lightweight but durable as well. Moreover, most machine washable area rugs in our collection easily fit in washing machines.

Machine-washable rugs are anti-slip

Do thin machine-wash rugs resist slippage? The answer is affirmative. You can always use a rug pad and improve anti-slip qualities. Mats are tested multiple times. So, you can be rest assured about the quality, and durability of products sold by Fab Habitat.

Variety of designs, shapes, and sizes

At Fab Habitat, we have designs, themes, and sizes that are suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor settings. With six plus different sizes in store, you can find one suitable for your backyard, outdoor patio, or indoor high-traffic areas. Our high-quality, user-friendly runner rugs can enhance the appearance of your residence. Our rugs will be suitable for Living room or living space, bedroom, or indoor space of your home.

Shipped from within Australia

As a proud Aussie, you would certainly like to buy machine washable mats in Australia that are manufactured locally. Yet again, Fab Habitat can prove to be the best choice. Yes, our rugs and mats are made locally. They are shipped from Lidcombe, Sydney. Buy machine washable rugs online in Australia and get a Free Shipping.

Four steps for cleaning a rug

  • The first step is to get rid of debris and dirt on the mat surface by vacuuming it.
  • Next, remove the rubber back, place the mat inside your washing machine, and select the cold-water option.
  • Choose a delicate/gentle cycle, and let the machine do all the hard work. Always prefer a mild detergent powder or liquid recommended by the rug manufacturer.
  • Once the wash cycle is complete, let the mat dry in a well-ventilated area.

Additional tips to extend the life of rug

  • Vacuum clean and rotate the rug regularly.
  • Remove the rug pad (either classic or cushioned) before putting the mat in the washing machine.
  • Ensure your washing machine has a sufficient weight capacity to spin the rug.
  • Machine-wash the rug once every two months and not too often.
  • Use manufacturer-recommended solutions to treat spots or stains on rugs.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s care instructions.
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